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Application Development on Google Cloud

  • Location


  • Industry

    Telecommunication (Telco)

  • Technology

    Google App Engine, JAVA, PHP/Angular, Software as a Service

    Client background

    They are an incumbent Telco player in Portugal and have a majority stake in the Portuguese market for Telcos. One of the main demands from customers is regarding technical assistance off-premise (residential), quality of service, cost-effectiveness, and response time optimization the most important and pressing aspects to improve service levels and increase efficiency.

    Business challenge

    To enable the technical assistance teams to perform residential assistance remotely, thus reducing the number of trips, while simultaneously keeping the diagnose and troubleshooting processes simple and user-friendly, especially considering the target audience of this service (people in their homes, many times elderly with little to no technical knowledge). By doing so, the main objectives are to increase service levels of assistance (even if remotely) and to increase customer satisfaction which, in turn, translates into customer loyalty.

    New Anderthal’s approach

    As speed and user-friendliness were the main aspects to take into account (apart from the aforementioned cost reduction) Decskill produced a tool called OnSight based on WebRTC for video calls, therefore avoiding the necessity for an App installation in the client’s smartphone. It is hosted in Google Cloud, ensuring high levels of security, redundancies, and available resources, which in turn grant a very positive performance commitment with high availability levels. Decskill also designed the tool to be integrated with the client’s internal diagnosis platform as well as their CRM.

    Value delivered

    OnSight usage had immediate results on Client metrics, such as:

    • Service Unavailability periods significantly reduced
    • Support costs reduction
    • Decrease in # of relapsing cases
    • Customer satisfaction increased
    • 20% increase on problem-solving on 1st contact
    • 40% increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score)
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