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Our refined and solid collaboration models implemented for augmenting teams’ capacity and reducing skills gaps for leading companies allows to tackle this problems when business demands are at its peak

Empower digital aspirations. Scale effortlessly with flexible team sizing. Bridge skills gaps for peak business demands with our refined collaboration models.

Businesses often face challenges when tech deliveries fall short, failing to meet their expectations for transformation, scalability, and growth. Team sizes can expand based on demand and with careful planning to align with scaling needs.

Extended Team

ADD competencies to your existing team, managed by your project managers.
We ensure agility for the talent acquisition process.

•Your total control of the team processes and management;
•Speed up the deliverables with a short time to market;
•Create multiple team cells for longer projects;
•Better team balance with a specific focus on user stories, issues fixing, technical debt or testing.

Managed Team

SET UP a team for development, support or infrastructure management, oriented to a specific objective and scope, with clear SLAs and expected deliverables.

•Smooth onboarding and knowledge transfer;
•A team committed to results and output driven;
•Definition of the core KPIs to monitor and track;
•Regular communication status, reporting, and issue resolution;
•Regularly review and assess the managed team performance;
•Risk sharing with 360 services mgmt.

Why Decskill Talent?

  • Over 500 Skilled Experts

    We have on board a powerful and experienced team with a proven track record delivering high-quality digital solutions across industries, from banking, and insurance to utilities.

  • Building the perfect squad team

    We build teams ready to match your demand in sizing and competencies, that are flexible and oriented to deliver end-to-end solutions and products.
    A Squad team usually is built with 1xProduct Owner, 1x Scrum Master, 2 up to 4 developers.*

  • Expertise across a range of technology stacks

    Our tech team are skilled in different technology: .Net, Java, PHP, Angular, React, OutSystems, Mobile, DevOps, Python, DBA, C++, Project Managers, DBA, Automation Tester, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Sys Admin…

    Supercharge Your Tech Team with Top Talent!