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Electric Vehicle Charging: Interoperability, Scalability, and User Convenience

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  • Industry

    Industry & Services

  • Technology

    C++ 14 and 17, Linux, and JavaScript.

    Client background

    An industrial conglomerate selling components and equipment for factory automation, railway equipment, electrical distribution equipment, and medical equipment

    Business challenge

    • Ensuring interoperability with different charger manufacturers, who have different communication protocols and integration requirements.
    • The platform was scalable and capable of handling a large number of users and chargers simultaneously.
    • The security and privacy of users

    New Anderthal’s approach

    • Implementation of a Technological Platform to Support Electric Vehicle Charging.
    • The platform consists of a web application and a set of APIs that allow for remote control and management of electric vehicle chargers.
    • The web application provides a user-friendly interface for users who wish to find available electric vehicle chargers and start a charging session.
    • They partnered with us to strengthen their Development Team. with profiles C++ Expert´s

    Value delivered

    • Facilitates and makes electric vehicle charging more convenient.
    • Locates nearby charging stations. Monitors charging progress.
    • Enables easy and quick payment for the service.
    • Highly secure and protects customer information.
    • Compatible with a wide variety of chargers from different manufacturers. Entry into a rapidly growing market.
    • Diversification of products and services.
    • Use of state-of-the-art technology for faster and more efficient development.
    • Agility and adaptability to market changes.
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