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Strategy and digital creativity for Corporate and Investor Portal

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    hybrid Card Sorting tool, Mockup & Prototype, UX e UI

    Client background

    Renowned as a key player in Portugal’s energy landscape, this prominent organization plays an essential role in the country’s infrastructure and energy sector. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic investments, this entity has been at the forefront of modernizing the energy network, fostering sustainability, and enabling the efficient transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas throughout the nation.

    Business challenge

    Creation of a new corporate and investor website that requires a strategic rethink of all content and the creation of a credible, democratic, and inclusive information hub on Portugal’s energy networks and the organization’s multiple initiatives. The new website will place special emphasis on sustainability, as well as its activity and innovation, in an informed and ethical way, with audio descriptions to facilitate accessibility and inclusion.

    New Anderthal’s approach

    Part of the national group New Anderthal, New Normal spearheaded strategy, creativity, and design, while Decskill led development and innovation. The primary focus was on delivering an exceptional user experience, amplifying the brand’s potential and connection, and further establishing the brand’s role within the national energy transition. The process involved a series of strategic workshops that engaged all sectors of the company. The collaboration between New Normal’s multidisciplinary teams and the unwavering alignment of objectives culminated in a website that not only boasts an attractive and intuitive design but also conveys the brand’s content and initiatives with unwavering solidity.

    Elisabete Ferreira, Founder of New Normal and a board member responsible for digital transformation at Decskill emphasizes that ‘the experience during the design and implementation of a project is as significant as its result. In today’s context, a website transcends being a mere support or display platform. It functions as a dynamic interaction, an opportunity to delve into the brand’s purpose, and a bridge connecting diverse audiences and stakeholders. By synergizing the expertise of the client’s specialists with our top-notch creative and technological talents, we streamlined project management around the pivotal focus of engaging with people”

    Value delivered

    Typically, the reconstruction of a website involves multiple parties, which can inadvertently create barriers to seamless information integration. However, the approach devised by New Normal and Decskill allowed for a comprehensive and nimble response to a pivotal communication tool that, despite its familiarity, continually bridges the gap between us and our audiences, especially the Portuguese community.
    A summary of all the new features and mission of the new corporate website has been encapsulated into a video, which can be viewed here.

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