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Support and Maintenance of 2 Azure AKS Production Clusters and 2 Development Clusters

  • Location


  • Industry

    Energy and Utilities

  • Technology

    Terraform, Jenkins, Git, Nexus, Vault, Connectwise, AKS, SonarQube

    Client background

    A global technology and consulting firm that specializes in delivering innovative and integrated solutions for businesses across various industries, leveraging its expertise in digital transformation, networking, data analytics, and cloud services.

    Business challenge

    To supply the customer with a toolset DevOps maintenance service 24×7, aligned with its needs and business requirements. Assure that code quality and security are controlled, and application development cycles are optimized.

    New Anderthal’s approach

    Our service covers:

    • ToolSet DevOps Maintenance and Support 24×7
    • Active Monitoring and Prevention
    • Clusters auditing and support (AKS – Azure Kubernetes Services)
    • CI/CD pipeline maintenance and support
    • Native cloud functions and third-party tools operation and support

    Value delivered

    Decskill was able to provide high quality DevOps service allowing the customer to assure application development on time and filling quality objectives and ensure the alignment between development and operations teams.

    This way the customer can broaden its initiatives and be strategically closer to achieve objectives.

    Discover how a new cloud architecture can accelerate your business