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Technical Services and Management

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  • Industry

    IT Services

  • Technology

    Microsoft, Apple

    Client background

    IT Outsourcing and managed solutions with strategic consulting and a global leadership community, designed exclusively for emerging pharma and biotech. Their industry-leading solutions free companies from the demands of managing IT to advance their company’s critical mission — pioneering the next generation of life-saving medicines, technology, and knowledge.

    Business challenge

    Set up an operation for the installation, storage, and shipment of computer equipment throughout Europe, through best practices that guarantee the quality of services provided, speed of delivery, and constant monitoring of delivery and support to the end user.

    New Anderthal’s approach

    Provide technical services for the Depot, Installations, Package, Shipment, and Inventory of End-User Equipment:

    • Facilities & Depot
    • Technical Activities
    • Logistics
    • Information Management System & Inventory
    • Incident Management

    Value delivered

    Starting in 2018, our operation has guaranteed Depot Services throughout Europe since then, supporting thousands of users in healthcare industries such as pharma and biotech.
    The main results are:

    • Automatic installation processes
    • Physical installations with security measures
    • Constant update of support procedures
    • Updated inventory
    • Shipments Tracking
    • Online updates of service requests through ITSM tool
    Discover how to operate when your business is moving faster than your technological projects